The competition is open exclusively to contemporary choreographers.





1. Choreographers should have professional training and must be 35 or younger. Participation is open to creators of any nationality.


2. The competition is open to new contemporary choreography with innovative ideas. Selection is based exclusively on imaginative use of space and time, the realization of an idea, and its transfer onto the performers.


3. Each choreographer can submit one choreography only. Participants will be able to participate with original pieces or pieces created and premiered from 1st January 2016. Presented choreography must be 7 to 13 minutes long. The pieces that do not respect these time limits may be disqualified.


4. Participants can find the application form on our website ( They should fulfill and submit online before November 30, 2016.


5. A unique video link to the choreography presented to the competition DANCE LAB 2017 must be mentioned in the application form online (recording of rehearsal is acceptable). No DVD or post will be accepted.


6. The video should match the choreography to be performed in the finals in Skopje. In this video, the choreography must be shown in full, to judge its length and its structure. Once the selection has been carried out, no changes to the basic structure of the piece nor to the set used will be allowed. The video clips are not accepted. All applicants will receive confirmation via e-mail, that the organizer has received their application.


7. The applicant is free in his choice of subject and music. Details for both should be given on the application form. The choreography must be free of all rights (music etc) for the three days of competition.


8. Admission to the competition is decided on by a pre-jury evaluation of the videos. Admission to the competition is subject to the organizer’s consent. Decision will be announced no later than December 15, 2016, when all selected participants will be informed.


9. Competitors are obliged to be available for performances on both days of the competition including the final evening. All participants agree to be available for rehearsals, press-conferences, interviews and radio and television recordings free of charge.


10. The decision of the jury is final. If a competitor is a student or company member of one of the jurors, this particular juror will withhold his vote. After the competition the members of the jury will be available to competitors, upon request, for advisory talks.


11. No salary/fees will be paid to the participating dancers.


12. The organizer shall not be liable for any damages both material and immaterial, during travel for the competition, during rehearsals and presentation and trough out the duration of the stay in Skopje for the finals.


13. Candidates agree to give to the organizer their full rights to image throughout the Competition Period.



Further inquiries may be directed to:

Interart culture centre

Matea Mijanovikj

Phone.++389 71 375 277

Andrijana Andreeva

Phone.++389 77 758 827

Dragan Gakonovski Spato 18/3

Skopje, 1000, Macedonia

Fax ++389 (2) 30 51 600





Interart culture centre

Skopje, 1000, Macedonia




Accommodation costs for selected participants during the days of competition will be covered by Interart culture center, Skopje.



Technical data / technical requirements



• Size of the stage (dance floor) 10 m x 10 m, black dance floor

• Black curtain with wings, backdrop black or white opera



• Front light, back light and opera in white, yellow, red and blue

• Wings white crosslight from right and left, white

• 9 spots: 3 back, 3 middle, 3 front

• 1 spotlight 1,2 kw HMI


Sound (music) only CD, MD, USB. No DAT!


Competitors will be informed about further details three weeks before the competition.


Place and timing:

The competition will be held on the April 7th and 8th, 2017


It will be staged on the two consecutive evenings 7th and 8th, starting in 20h, with an expert jury and audience. Rehearsals will take place during the day, on 7th and 8th of April, latest until 17h. All participants are limited to 40 minutes for preparing the stage, setting the lights and rehearsing.


The second day is a Gala event with 5 finalists and a presentation of the last DANCELAB winner, with a new choreography in collaboration with Skopje Dance Theater, as an official part of the DANCE FEST 2017. Rehearsals will take place in the morning.