Mission & Vision

Macedonia is a land of dance, song and music. It is a country in which people have expressed their happiness or sadness through music and dance for centuries. As a historical crossroad with many roads passing through it, Macedonia is a place where the different cultures that go through those roads, are interlacing. Through the festival Dance Fest in Skopje, in the past four years we have successfully achieved in putting Macedonia and its culture on the map of worldwide cultural events. Thus becoming a recognizable mark on the local and international modern dance stage.

The basic idea is:

  • to follow the tendencies of development in the modern dance scene worldwide
  • to exchange experiences with artists from other cultural backgrounds
  • to expand the Macedonian contemporary dance stage beyond our borders
  • to develop and educate a new and young audience
  • to involve the audience in the process of development of contemporary dance
  • to include the Macedonian dance stage in European projects