Risima Risimkin is one of the leading and most established Macedonian choreographers, she is also the artistic director of Dance Fest Skopje and Skopje Dance Theater. She received her Master of Arts degree from the University in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, at the Academy for Music and Dance Art (AMTI) in the section for Choreography, Ballet Directing and Pedagogy, whilst also being awarded the title of ballet master. Risimkin spent 2012/2013, working as the Head choreographer of the State Ballet of Antalya, Turkey. At the moment she is a professor at the University of ESRA Paris-Skopje-New York in Skopje and the artistic director of Skopje Dance Academy. The Skopje Dance Academy is the first of its kind for contemporary dance in Macedonia and the region, the program was established in collaboration with the prestigious Rotterdam Dance Academy from the Netherlands.

Risimkin is a member of ISPA (International Society for Performing Arts) and CID UNESCO, Paris, France. She is the founder of the Interart Centre for Culture (1996), whose years of activities have helped the development of the Macedonian contemporary dance scene.

Risimkin is one of the most prolific contemporary Macedonian choreographers—an avant-garde representative in contemporary creation. She has actively represented Macedonia on the international contemporary dance scene with her own performances, which have received excellent reviews both in the country and abroad. Risimkin is the recipient of several awards, including the award for exceptional contribution to the development of culture in the Republic of Macedonia, in 2011 she was awarded as one of Top Ten Women – managers in Macedonia. With her work, Risimkin is constantly moving in the direction of further developing of contemporary dance in Macedonia.

In May 2012, Risimkin partnered up with the Macedonian Ministry of culture, which supported her project Skopje Dance Theater for three years (2013 – 2015), as entrepreneurship project in Macedonian culture. This is the very first time that this kind of partnership was made in Macedonia.

So far, Risimkin has made more than thirty authorial projects, which established her as one of the most fruitfull Macedonian creators in the dance area. She has represented Macedonia as a choreographer in Denmark; Germany; Serbia; Bulgaria; Montenegro; Greece – European Capitol of culture; Portugal, Lisbon – EXPO – National day of Macedonia; Niamey, Niger; Rotterdam, Netherlands, etc. In 2010 she was a guest choreographer in the National Ballet in Ljubljana, Slovenia.In 2012 she participated in the Culture Olympiad in London with the choreography for the play Henri, VI of the National Theater Bitola, Macedonia, for the Globe to Globe program of Globe Theater.

In 2013 she was a participant in the ITS festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands with a performance from the Skopje Dance Theater. Her next performance was as choreographer for the National Ballet of Antalya, Turkey.
Risimkin’s performances are graded as “performance – boundary stone of the Macedonian dance history” or “a new era in Macedonian dance”, and the foreign critics name her as “the Macedonian Pina Bausch”.

“… We classify Risima Risimkin’s creative work in the Macedonian dance avant-garde, who has (sometimes even for the prize of fierce critics and denials) successfully changed our views related to dance.”
Sonja Zdravkova Dzeparoska – “The theatre on the Macedonian ground 20th century”

“A leading criteria for Risima Risimkin is the visual moment, because of which she creates effective, impressive images, which speak for her qualities as a director.. “

“She begins with the provocation to break down the concepts of shaping and to offer new ones…”