Taste of Dance


Dance Fest Skopje, under the artistic leadership of Risima Risimkin was formed in 2005 as a unique festival for ballet and dance in Macedonia. The festival from the very beginning has become known for its program quality and outstanding mission and vision representing a bridge between Macedonia and the world, an opportunity for artists to communicate and a place where everyone can be themselves.

The mission of the festival was and still is going in the direction of making strong connections with artists from different countries and cultures and giving them the opportunity to work together. It is a ground on which bi-directional long lasting relationships in dance can be made.

In the last 9 years, an “army” of dancers has gone through the festival venues, several stages in Skopje: Macedonian National Theatre, Macedonian Opera and Ballet, Youth Cultural Center, newly opened Stage Zebra, and others in Bitola.

Companies like the National Ballets from Lisbon, (Portugal); Pecs, (Hungary); Belgrade, (Serbia); Ljubljana, (Slovenia); Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, (Turkey);; Netherlands Dance Theater, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Galili Dance Company, Rotterdam dance Academy, (Netherlands); Battery Dance Company & Philadanco! (USA); State Ballet Hildesheim, Steptext dance Project, Germany; Kan Butoh Company, (Japan); Bely Theater, St. Petersburg, Russia and others presented their work and made ​​a strong impact on the development of the contemporary dance scene in Macedonia.

The board of the festival, which is composed of top intellectuals, artists and journalists gives the MENADA award for lifetime achievements in the field of dance, in honour of all the great dancers who have left their mark in the evolution of ballet and dance as an artform in Macedonia: Gorgi Makedonski, Natka Penusliska, Olga Milosavleva, Irena Veterova, Tatyana Petkovska, Elisaveta Kusovska, Ekrem Husein, but also the important names from the global dance scene as Vladimir Vasiliev, Gradimir Punk and this year Hans van Manen.

Part of the additional program of the festival is the first Dance Parade in Macedonia with more than 1000 participants on the streets of Skopje (2010), many workshops for dancers and choreographers, a contemporary dance workshop with over 100 participants from all over Macedonia (2013), conferences for dance, promotions of books for dance, Dance Screen programs etc.

In its short history, Dance Fest Skopje has appeared on the front pages of world-famous dance magazines several times such as “Dance Europe” and “Dance for you”, and photos of performances and events have been published by international news agencies such as Getty images, Reuters and others. 

Dance Fest Skopje is not just a festival, it is a way of life, it connects and inspires, a personal thing, in which every visitor will find a new characteristic about themselves and experience the TASTE OF DANCE!